The Power of Prayer

Christmas Cards at BHS:-)


About a year ago during Thanksgiving, God knocked on the door of my heart and in SO MUCH EXCITEMENT, I listened. He reminded me in His still small voice to treat others the way I would want to be treated. {Luke 6:31} So I started to think about what that looked like and my mind danced in such an expectant faith that God was guiding my heart to dream BIG in His vision. As my soul danced in wonder I then started to think about how grateful I would be if I received a Christmas card! I thought, “my goodness I would be over the moon and so ecstatic if I received a Christmas card”. This seed then started to grow and I thought about how I wanted everyone to feel that way. The sweet gift of knowing that they are loved and thought of and valued. This seed began to bloom and I thoughts about all of the students in my high school and I knew what God was calling me to do. He was calling me to deliver the vision of Christmas cards to every beautiful human in Bentonville High School. I then approached my sweet Momma and explained to her what God had laid on my heart and that we needed to go to the store and buy cards so that we could make them for all of the school and she said “alright”:) I adore her response. Her response of expectant faith that God would never provide and dream and not give provision for the vision. So in joyful obedience I was so excited!!! But we were not made to do life alone, so i invited a bunch of awesome people over to help. Everyone from people on the soccer team, to those in my youth group, to those in our OutReach for Christ Club at school, to people in Student Council, to family…oh my goodness I am so thankful for friends and family! My precious and oh so talented cousin from Texas even mailed cards over in the mail! And by the week before Christmas break came around, we delivered a card to every soul in the school! Every person got to receive the truth that indeed they were thought of, they are valued, and that God does see them and love them. My goodness how amazing and humbling it was to see the seeds that God uses us to plant and even know that seeds were planted in hearts that we won’t even see until we get to heaven. How beautiful. As this next year approached, I just knew we had to do it again. And so, with God’s guidance and vision and provision, we started during our Thanksgiving break. Friends and family continuously helped as we knew that these were not just pieces of paper, but these were messages of hope to hearts that may have never been told how loved they are. We found out how many students were in each advisory class, divided the cards accordingly, labeled the stacks per teacher and room number, and off we went in Jesus Name and just last week we passed out Christmas cards to every world changer in Bentonville High School AGAIN!!! I don’t say this to say, “look what we did!” But I share this with you to say “look what God can do through a willing heart!” He has exceedingly and abundantly greater plans for your life than what you could ever ask or imagine and you don’t need to have a certain number of followers for God to use you. He simply needs to have the throne on the platform of your heart. Because with Him nothing is impossible!  Christmas cards…something oh so beautifully simple. It’s truly an index card that is quite little:) but oh my goodness the meaning behind it is so grand because it is given and received by a real heart and a real hand. When I walked into the wide doors of high school, God held out His righteous right hand and welcomed me on the beloved journey of His reckless love that called and led me out beyond the waters, into His timeless glory. And it was on His level ground that the lobes of my ears were inclined to something much more intimate than classes and schedules. The strings of my heart were pulled in a direction deeper than having my pencils sharpened. My eyes were enlightened to see that I was there for so much more than fitting in like a pencil in a stencil of the status quo. By taking His hand, I saw a common beauty in both the astounding athletes and the band who always played a good beat. I began to see a common beauty in the incredible soul who sat alone in the cafeteria and those who sat at tables that had no seats left. Twirling me in His arms as I was embraced in His grace, I began to see a common beauty in the ones everyone adored and the ones everyone ignored. There was a common beauty in the ones with the pink and green and blue and purple hair and the ones who had hair that was curly and hair that was fair. I began to see a common beauty in those with piercings and those who had their eyebrows on fleek…and the common beauty was that they are loved. For you see, fearfully and wonderfully they were made by the God above. My hearts focus became what God’s focuses were and it was them. Them…not some, but every one of them. Because in their mother’s womb, God Himself did indeed hem and it wasn’t an accidental whim. For God doesn’t look at the things people look at, people look at the outward appearance, but God looks at the heart. Out of elated excitement I had to share this with them-the simple act that became grand because of God’s righteous right hand. 3,000 Christmas cards were made for every student in BHS last week so they know how loved they are! Love does and love never fails!:)


“Christmas Card” by @stevencurtischapman ❤️💌