Practically Studying God’s Word:) Part 1

SO humbled and overjoyed with God’s excitement of gratitude and grace!! YOU are beautiful, chosen, worthy, and dearly loved! “To be transformed, it takes a daily walk, a new thought process, and a different kind of effort:)” I pray that you are challenged beloved children of God~1 verse for 1 week in prayer and meditation, and be watchful and thankful as God transforms you by the renewing of your mind!<3 YOU ARE LOVED!!!:) Let’s grow in Him for real this year-living boldly and original in His BEAUTIFUL and Almighty Name! For greater things are still to be done in your life in Jesus Name!! Let’s wake up tomorrow morning knowing that YOU have purpose for your life!!! There is reason! For in God, watch your dreams come alive for His holy and magnifying glory! Together as our eyes are filled with wander, we will dig deep into His word of life, and I pray that you will see the sun bursting through the clouds!! I pray that in Jesus, the dullness of your life turns to the brightest most vibrant of color as He takes you higher than you knew you could ever go!!! In Him is true life. Let’s live together in His love! But it is a choice-it is a decision that you will have to make:) Will you let this be the year that God is in control-the year that you allow Him to take you into His divine plan of abundance and freedom as He guides you in a dance of grace and passion? His hand is out before you and has abundant life and peace awaiting that He desperately wants to bring you in downpours!:)

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17 thoughts on “Practically Studying God’s Word:) Part 1

  1. you encouraged me oh so very much today! i just watched your video after i finished taking my final in class and the joy and beauty you have is so encouraging and radiant! thankyou thankyou thankyou fo rthe encourgemnet and one verse a week idea! Im going to start doing that today! check out my blog> ❤ god bless you sweet sister!


  2. SUCH a great way to grow closer to our amazing God! Thankful for your heart for the Lord and your willingness to encourage! I really have enjoyed your blog & can not wait to see more!


  3. Hi Emma! I just wanted you to know you are inspiring me to live out my faith and dig deeper into God’s word. You are so beautiful on the inside and out. Have a wonderful day and don’t forget that you are inspiring people of all ages and all over the world!


  4. You are so wise beyond your years. I thank God that he is working through you to get his word out there. Keep up the good work and may God bless you !


  5. Thank you so much for posting this! Your sweet spirit and this idea of how to study God’s word has truly made my day! I love how you talked about the fact that we don’t have to listen to our enemies when we have the truth of God’s word. I can now remember that verse and know that I don’t need to try to be accepted by this world, I am already accepted by God! I remember when you were in a picture with Sadie Robertson and people said some terrible things. The fact that you were praying for those people was amazing! By the way it was an adorable picture! I am trying to be a light to others in my school, as well as following Sadie’s message about living original for God. By doing this “one verse- one day, one week” idea, I will have memorized lots of scripture and have learned A LOT of things! By not trying to fit in with the world, I can be a Godly example to others! Thank you again so much for be different than others (most people wouldn’t post a vide while preaching the gospel) and giving me an idea that will help me strengthen my faith.
    Kate Seaton<3


  6. Thank you for sharing this video. I have fallen away from spending time in the word and this post encouraged me tremendously. It’s amazing how a simply short verse when planted on your heart and mind can transform your thought process. I thank God that He has used you to make this video and share your wisdom at such a young age.


  7. This video inspired me to try a new way of living, where every moment of every day can be filled with Christ! Simply by reminding myself of who I am and where I come from! It always seemed like I had no time to read this many chapters of the Bible for this amount of time, and also it gives you no chance to process what you’re reading, I love love love your advice of picking one verse!! I’m definitely suggesting this idea to people!! Have a blessed and sunny day!


  8. Hi there! I left a comment on your Instagram post yesterday but I have to comment again! I have seriously had this video and your advice for studying The Word swirling in my head all day long. I’ve been reciting my scripture and I’m so so excited to see what God does in me. I have been some dry bones for a little too long and I desperately need to find my way back to intimate communion with Jesus. Your zest is super contagious! You are a beautiful soul, Emma! Thank you for living for Jesus and speaking life to these dry bones. Love & hugs from a fan in Texas 😘


  9. I have just one issue:


    Your videos show so much of your love for Jesus; I wish I had the time and energy to blog as much as you. I am so glad that I got to meet you on Instagram (I’m @the714project, by the way; @jmolina52516 is my personal account). Feel free to DM me any time!

    Sincerely, my dear sister in Christ,



  10. I don’t know you but can I just say, I’m SO grateful for this website, all that you are sharing and you just in general!!! You are absolutely precious, incredibly beautiful and have such a vivid presence of God within you! Keep sharing:) & I have requests, could you maybe talk about learning how to listen to God and learning how to discern what He is speaking to us? Another request is learning how to discern if we are walking in His will for us and learning about the beauty He has specifically placed inside us women. I don’t know if you have possibly talked about these because I recently found your website so I’m sorry if I’m asking for things you might have already discussed! Thank you SO much!!!


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