Fearfully, Wonderfully, and Extravagantly Loved!

Sweetest and beloved children of the Great I Am, you are loved!!:)


8 thoughts on “Fearfully, Wonderfully, and Extravagantly Loved!

  1. Can I just say that that video was so beautiful. God was speaking directly through you into my very heart. I needed to hear every single one of those words. It so wonderful to know that I have a friend who might not know my name but through our Father knows my soul. Thank you for praying for me. Thank you for being fearless. I can’t express what that meant to my walk with Jesus. You opened my eyes once again. You are going to do beautiful things for His Kingdom. You are very special person, Emma. You are special because you said yes to Jesus. You gave Him your all and now through you everyone can see Him. God bless you! You’ve made this kid very content and have inspired me to read my bible more because scripture is the LIVING word therefore it gives me LIFE. I would love a post on studying the Word better please!😊 once again-thank you! And keep saying yes to Jesus!


  2. Oh sweet Emma, you bring so much love and joy in my life. I thank the God of the Universe that he has someone like you to go and tell people about him. Your smile shines and tells people a story about you and how you are a different person. The best kind of different.


  3. Emma, YOU are truely an encouragement. I am so thankful in how you choose to be bold in the Lords name by blessing and encouraging others. You are wise, tender hearted, and radiate joy!!! You are a kingdom shaker and it is evident that you have such a hungry heart for the lord and such a fierce heart for others to know the love of Jesus. May you know without a shadow of a doubt, the lord delights in you and rejoices over you with singing. I can truely see Jesus within you, I love how you are so passionate about his truth and will do anything to spread it. You are such, a beautiful, blossiming example of what a daughter of the King looks like. I hope you feel loved, special, and valued. Thanks for making this video and investing in others life’s to further the kingdom of God. You are one of a kind!!!


  4. You amaze me with your beautiful talks about our wonderful Christ Jesus! thank you so much for inspiring so many people to follow the one true God and for showing them who he really is!! Keep doing what your doing love!!! :))


  5. Hey Emma!! Thank you so much for being such an inspiration and for having such a joyful heart for God!! I love watching your videos! They bring happiness to my day and encourage me to grow with God! I would love it if you would post more often or even do a bible study to help me grow closer to God. Thank you for everything you do!! I love you so much Emma! You are such a blessing from God and God is doing amazing things through you!!


  6. Emma, you are amazing and anointed! I am a 40-year old mamma of 2 and your energy has TOUCHED my heart! You are doing and are going to continue to do AMAZING things for His glory and kingdom!


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