The Beauty of Him:)

Incredibly loved, intentionally chosen, fearfully and wonderfully fashioned friends I am SO humbled and overjoyed at what the Great I Am is doing! I have started a Youtube Channel through His divine will of grace, and my heart is rejoicing in confetti at the beautiful truth that He will share through it! Please don’t hesitate any requests that you may have for different topics to either write about or speak on:) I am here to walk with you my sweet loves! We are a kingdom, and in Him alone we rejoice in this life of abundance together as we lean into Him through all times. I know that this life can be chaotic. We are promised that this world will not be an easy, smooth-sailing ride…..BUT!!! Oh my goodness gracious fantastic brothers and sisters we have peace that surpasses all understanding because He has overcome this world! “We will cast ALL of our anxieties on Him because purposeful children and mighty warriors of God, He cares for YOU! Be alert and of sober mind. Our enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. Resist him, standing firm in the faith, because you know that the family of believers thought the world is undergoing the same kind of sufferings”….my loves, you are not alone!! How peace giving is that! Oooooooo how good is our God! Glory in the Highest He forever reigns and the nations testify! Let us taste and see together that He is good! I pray this beautiful journey is convicting as God grows you, strengthens you, and builds you up in Him. I want to encourage you with the truth that is undeniable: YOU are loved. YOU are on purpose. YOU are HIS!!:) Awesome people He has plans for you that are more extravagant and abundant than what your mind could ever fathom, dream, or imagine, and He doesn’t intend for You to stay where you are. He wants you to love Him with passion, for He is a jealous God and craves your every precious moment. As my wonderful daddy says, “Rather than praying for comfort and safety, let’s pray for strength and courage”. God is here, and as the lovely Gentleman He is, He has His hand out, patiently waiting for your gentle fingers that He designed to land in His palm as He takes the lead in a waltz of grace and love! You have been called to be set apart, and I can’t stop smiling at the beauty of you!! You are beyond loved dear ones, and I am so humbled as I talk to you! You are a world changer in His Name!! Let’s dig deep, go ALL in! For our life is a midst, and the only way to tell others that they are loved by the Great I Am is that you too must believe this truth:) I love you:):)


One thought on “The Beauty of Him:)

  1. Emma you are a joy!! This spoke to me on so many levels. I am almost crying right now because through you I see God so clearly; He has gifted you in so many ways and watching you glorify Him makes me and so many others just want to fall headlong into the arms of Christ ourselves. I love you so much sweet sister in Christ, and cannot wait to meet you and you beautiful, beloved soul in heaven someday (hopefully sooner if I ever get the honor of meeting you personally😊) and praising the Savior, the great I AM, the Author of life and Creator of everything good, for the rest of eternity! Have an amazing night you’re amazing and precious and loved by countless peoplease and by God you’re the “bomb dingity” haha bye!😁❤


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