Love Himself is Born!

My loves, oh how beautiful this night must have been! As the night winds sing to the little lamb about the star way up in the sky with a tail as big as a kite. The star dances and gleams in graceful yet oh so passionate ballet with the wind amongst the stars that surround it. God calls them each by name {Psalm 147:4-5}, His understanding has no limit! For He is mighty and great, and with uncontainable excitement, the stars rejoice as they wait in eager expectation for His indescribable gift to be revealed unto the world…..simply stunning. God couldn’t stop smiling because my dearest friends He is in LOVE with YOU!! Here before all of humanity, the Great I Am, Love Himself comes humbly before the world so that your very soul may know its worth in Him!! Oh praise the One Who came to paid my debt and raised my life up from the dead. Can you imagine the sounds on this night. A song of sweet hymns singing high above the trees with a voice as big as the sea! Sweetest sons and daughters of God do you know that you are loved!? Glory in the Highest! As the song of love rings through the night, sing and honor Emmanuel. For from this night and on my friends, God is forever with you! Never will He leave you nor forsake you. He has come to bring you goodness and light. The Author of Humanity has come to give YOU hope! He has come so that your divine heart may overflow in abounding joy!:) Oh come let us adore Him. The One Who has saved me from myself.

“But the angel said to her, ‘Do not be afraid, Mary; you have found favor with God. You will conceive and give birth to a son, and you are to call him Jesus. He will be great and will be called Son of the Most High…..'”

{Luke 1:30-32}

…….the sweetest Name there is. In the morning when I rise I praise the Name of Jesus. Jesus: “God with us”. Jesus, the Savior of the world, the Savior of my soul, the Lover of my heart, and the Life inside of me. The Smile I cannot hold in!:)

For the angel of the Lord appeared, and because of Jesus, YOU do not have to be afraid. God is with YOU!! The enemy does NOT want you to believe how loved you are. He does not want you to believe that God is with you and that He has wrapped His shield of divine favor around you. In the mighty Name of Jesus YOU are beloved! YOU have been redeemed! YOU are on purpose! YOU are valued!! I pray that your sweet ears are tuned to hear His precious voice, and that your sparkling eyes in which He intentionally fashioned, are locked on Him. Because it is in Him alone that YOU see that indeed YOU are awesome!:) {Psalm 45:11} “God is enthralled by your beauty sweet one”! So come let us adore Him and honor Him!! The Redeemer Who was and is to come! For He is the CornerStone!

Thanks be to God Who daily places my heart in the posture of peace. Glory to the one and only God Who captivates me. He draws me in, and His breathtaking melodies of love and unending grace overflow like a fountain within my soul. How can it be? That You, the Creator over the heavens and the earth, the Illustrator of my very being, the Rock and Redeemer of Your people, Love, Great I Am…….would die for me, and claim that You love me with an everlasting love. How can it be that You would right my every wrong not because You have to, but because You WANT to! You never grow tired or weary, and Your understanding no one can fathom. Giving me strength and increasing my power when I am weak!! Lord of my life NOTHING is impossible for You! For I know and hold tight and firm to the truth that when my hope is in You, my strength will be renewed. I will soar on wings like eagles; I will walk and not be faint!! You sweet King are my Shepard, I shall not want. In You alone I lack nothing. You lead me beside quiet waters and make me lie down in green pastures. You refresh my soul and overflow my cup with blessings unimaginable……and because of Your love that You poured down in grace and humility on this silent night, I can now say in confidence that You-Reigning Lord are my all in all. Because of this simple yet SO extravagantly glamorous night I can come before You in purity and no longer am I seen as dirty. My clothes are not crimson red any longer, for because of this night…..because of this indescribable night of overwhelming greatness I can come before You always, at all times, with anything, and anywhere in robes of Your holy righteousness and white as snow. Drowning my fears in perfect love, I now bow in humility before You, good good Father, and worship You in adoration. Upon the mountain tops, because of this night when Your angels filled the skies with Your jaw-dropping Holiness singing everlasting Glory unto Your perfect Name, I can claim in faith that I am Yours and You are mine……I am in awe and speechless sweet Jesus.

Beautiful people, as I speak to you, you may not be believing these words. Your may even be saying, “What, she must be talking to someone else because I am anything but beautiful….I am not loved…..I am TOO flawed….yes Jesus came, but I am far too sinful for His grace to cover me…..or even, this news is so unfathomable that I don’t know if I believe it…..”

Dearest, beloved, sweet, timeless, loved, valued, originally a one-of-a-kind, purposeful CHILD OF GOD, your name is written on His palm    {Isaiah 49:16}, chosen one, YOU have been fearfully and wonderfully made with intention! Your being He delighted in fashioning. Knitting you together in your mother’s womb, your frame was NOT hidden from Him!:) Being made in the secret place, He wove you together and couldn’t stop grinning because oh how HE LOVES YOU!! All of your days were written in His book before one of them came to be! His thoughts of YOU are precious, for how vast is the sum them; they outnumber the grains of sand that lie on the very earth that He created! The Potter of your heart adores you beloved one, and I am here to tell you that HE, Emmanuel, Yahweh, The God of all the nations, is jealous for your every moment!:) He is knocking at the door of your heart right now, and craves to take the throne of your heart. Holding out His soft and strong and securing hand, He is inviting you to waltz with Him. But sweet brothers and sisters He has given you free will. He is a Gentleman, and will never force you. You are His love, most prized gift. Imagine a relationship in which one loved but the other was forced too……oh but sweet one, this relationship with God Himself is intimate because it is a choice. It is one purpose and with passion. It is agave. Unconditional and forever remaining. I challenge you to let Him lead you in the most incredible dance:) He will guide your every step, and when You lose sight, when your faith gets tired, and when your hops seems as through all is lost, let Him spin you around and around. Let the arms of heaven wrap you in a warm blanket and sway with the Great I AM to the song that He wrote just for you.


Just as Mary didn’t have it easy, the beautiful life of love, freedom, and grace with Jesus is not easy. Persecution comes, trials are heavy, spiritual battles are intense, the world will not be your friend……but just as the angel of the Lord said to God’s sweet Mary, He will say to you, “do not be afraid my child. For I am with you always. {Psalm 139}.  I will soon crush the enemy beneath your feet!! I have overcome, take heart!! I have you! The veil is torn! In Me alone and only you are more than a conquerer and nothing can separate you from my love! {Romans 8:37-39} I have clothed you in strength and dignity, I am your Shepard and I will not lead you astray. I am the God of peace, and I will guard Your heart. You are loved. You are chosen. And on this silent night, I sent my one and only son not to condemn you but my love to save you. Delighting in calling you my own, I behold this gift to you. It is finished. Merry Christmas”:)




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