Our beautiful God LOVES to talk to us. He speaks in all languages, actions, situations, and thoughts. He is a passionate lover of YOU!😊💗 Sometimes though, we forget to stop. We forget to be still in the hustle and bustle of the life that we are in. And when we do talk to Him, usually we do all of the talking. We talk about what we want. We talk about what we need. We talk about what is going wrong, and we ask for these things to be fixed. We are filled with thanksgiving at times {which is marvelous and incredibly beautiful}…….but we, as His beloved children, need to be still and listen to the words of love and wisdom that our Daddy~our Abba~our Father has for us:) This takes a moment of humility and patience because it places us in a position to set our worries and wants and words aside, and just be still so that we may listen for Him:) It is just lovely!!!❤️ In this daily moment with Him, I personally adore it:):) I can’t ever help but to just smile SO big in His presence because in His presence is peace. In His presence, every worry I have  is casted upon Him. In His presence I find joy:)

At my house, we have some land, and on this land is cows, robins, mockingbirds, trees, fields of green grass, deer, and flowers. As I sit in His beauty, I am reminded of His great and all-consuming love. I am reminded that if He takes care of the birds that fly in the air……if He provides soil, water, and sunlight to the flowers and trees that live in the earth……if He protects the cows and the deer that walk along the ground…….surely I am much more valuable than these, and I have faith in my Daddy that He will protect me and give me abundant life:) {Matthew 6:25-34}

I challenge you all to find a set time in your each and every day, to seek Him because He will be found:) I challenge you to knock because indeed He will open the door:) I pray that you open your ears and listen carefully because He is in the gentle whispers:) Oh!:) And when you hear Him and when you feel His presence, you will be reminded of who you are:

•loved•redeemed•forgiven•blessed•beautiful• •strong•valued•cherished•important•His•

You sweet one, will discover His joy!!! My oh my! His joy is like no other~and it is truly found when you listen and wait for His voice in excitement! God has so much to say, He is just waiting for you to sit with Him in patience and hear Him:):):) Enjoy your week of listening!!💛 It is so much fun! I love you all so so greatly!!! And I am so overjoyed to leave you with this verse this week: “Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and eat with him, and he with Me.” Revelation 3:20

{God is with you, just waiting for you to let Him in and speak love and wisdom with you:) But first, you must hear His knock:)}


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