Find Joy in the Rain☔️

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens:) Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens:):) Brown paper packages tied up with string~for these are just a few of my favorite things! Don’t you just love the simplest moments that bring a peaceful smile upon your heart? In thunderstorms, it is not easy to think of these favorite things automatically. Our first instinct is usually to get scared, hide beneath the covers, and fall into the fears of the strikes that the lightening brings. But………:) When you wake up and see the clouds of grey, or lie down to rest in the storms of the night, you must be strong in this spiritual battle and say….

🎼 My God is a God who loves and adores me

Because I rest in His shadow, He upholds me

The JOY of my Lord makes me dance and sing

All I see in this rain are beautiful things!!☔️💕

When the thunder pounds,

and the rain comes falling down

God opens my ears to where all I hear are beautiful sounds!!

Our God is a faithful and loving God. He desires nothing but the greatest for you. When I lift my eyes up into the hills, I wander where my help comes from, I then know that my help only comes from the Lord~who is the Maker of  heaven and earth. He is my umbrella in the rain, and I now see beauty in this because the rain makes me realize the power of my God. Because of my times in the thunderstorms, I depend on my unbrella so much:) It gives me strength, confidence, security, and warmth. It allows me to find JOY in the rain!!☔️💚


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