The Joy of His Presence

Oh my, how His presence is so filling. It completes. It is free. Sometimes God can seem so distant. You may feel this way from the insecurity of not feeling worthy. As though you may think that you have gone to far in the ways of this world, and you have allowed yourself to be convinced that you are not qualified to be in His presence. Therefore, you never seek Him with positivity, and with this you lose hope. I am here to inform you that these exact words are from the king of all lies himself. Satan prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking for whom He may devour. He seeks those that He knows will change this world in the most beautiful way! Sweet one, this is YOU! You are special, and God has a plan for you that I cannot even begin to imagine, explain, or describe. He has engraved your name upon the palm of His hand. He has surrounded an army of angels to protect over you so that your foot may not hit against a stone. For you can never escape the presence of God. He is in a passionate love and a divine romance with you. The Ruler over all the heavens and earth, declares pride and excitement over calling you His own. If you were to make your bed in the deepest depths of the earth~He would be there. If you were to rest upon the highest of the heavens~there He would be. So this thought of unworthiness, not being qualified, hopelessness of ever being back to before… a lie from the one who knows what you have been designed to do. He knows that it will defeat him and his plan of destruction. He knows that you will crush him beneath the soles of your feet, which contain the gospel of peace, so in order to prevent the beauty for which you were created, he has told you a lie. Oh my goodness but sweetest dear friends I am here to bring you great news! You are cherished. You are wanted. You are forgiven, and not only are you forgiven, but you are redeemed; meaning that you have been washed as white and pure as snow. In the eyes of our loving God, you are as shiny and sparkly as Cinderella’s glass slippers. You glimmer and radiate the purest beauty just as the dew upon the grass reflects light from the sun in the new morning. You are pure. My dearest one, you are surrounded and clothed in the divine favor of the King of all kings!! You are adored. You are free. This, my love, is the truth. This is the truth that will set you free from the lies of satan. You are powerful. You are cared for by the God who divided the Red Sea. The God of Glory is enthralled by your beauty, and He craves your attention. For He sits at your right hand side by day and by night~just waiting for you to realize that you have been in His timeless presence all along. Find the strength inside of your sweet heart to see that you are covered in grace, and indeed are worthy to sit and rest in free peace within the presence of God. He is jealous for you. He is in love with you because you are His bride. No longer let satan tell you that you are not made to be with Him, for your only purpose was to be with Him always~praising Him for the beauty of His name as you love people. I challenge you to take thirty minutes of your morning for Him. This world is not easy, but with God not only will you survive…you will thrive and flourish! You will make a difference in this world like you never could have imagined. You will change the world by living out what God designed. So, take at least thirty minutes, and give Him the first of you. Sit and listen. For your heart will be assured of its purpose. Your soul will be fed so that it may feed you during the day. A joy will then overtake you. This joy is a complete joy. It is a pure joy. This joy is a freedom. This joy is God’s presence. With this joy, a smile will appear without your knowledge. It will grow upon your lovely face, and nothing will have a greater power to take it away because the smile that you will wear is the presence of God that shines for all the world to see. You are so beautifully worthy. People will stare, some will laugh, and some will be confused wandering what is different about your smile. It only takes a moment of stunning confidence, and God will shine through you like you never could dream! Let this be a beautiful moment, for in this moment of sharing His presence, you are changing lives one smile at a time.


3 thoughts on “The Joy of His Presence

  1. I am so excited to just read these beautiful words. I feel like it is just what I needed to read while going through my struggles in everyday life. Thank you so much emma. I love and miss you. Mrs Jessica Holliman


  2. Hello Emma! I am a first time visitor to your blog and enjoy each post greatly! Super excited to see more posts ! 😄😄 Have a great day!


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